Week 13 Fantasy Basketball Start/Sit

Week 13 in the fantasy basketball world is a big week. Lot of players heating up and cooling down, while you try to make a run at the playoffs with only two weeks left in the season. Luckily, you have found the right place to be. We have found the best matchups and worst matchups, and we have them here for you.


Nene Hilario, PF/C, Washington Wizards

It just goes to show that playing for an atrocious team can get you out of a slump, and Nene can tell you all about this feeling, now that he has been with his new team for a couple of weeks. He goes from battling for a playoff spot, to playing for the Wizards who are battling for a lottery pick. All the pressure has been relived from Nene, and he is finally playing good ball again. At this point you would think that life couldn’t get any better for Nene, right? Wrong, the Wizards face the Raptors, who give up the 24th most points to center in the league, and they will also face the 76ers who give up the 17th most points to center. I think things just got a little bit for Nene, wouldn’t you say so?

Marcus Thornton, SG, Sacramento Kings

Thornton defines the word streaky. The streaky shooting guard entered Thursday night’s game against the Jazz averaging nearly 30 over his previous five outings, but only chalked up 16 points to finish the night. Then he comes back Saturday night against a struggling Warriors squad and puts up just 16 points again. So what’s next for Thornton, who faces some of weaker defensive teams to shooting guards in week 13? I would expect him to have at least one scoring explosion against Utah or San Antonio who rank 24th and 23rd in giving up points to shooting guards. Even Houston gives up the 17th most points to shooting guards out of all 30 teams. Three legitimate chances for Thornton to go off, start Thornton with no hesitation.

Ramon Sessions, PG/SG, Los Angeles Lakers

A trade to the Lakers might’ve been the best thing that could have happened to Sessions’s fantasy value because playing behind the most hyped up rookie in this year’s draft, isn’t going help his numbers rise. Now that Sessions has landed in Hollywood, he will get starters minutes and an opportunity to lead the Lakers to the promised land. In his first three starts as the Lakers point guard, Sessions averaged a little over 18 points, a pleasant start to his stint in LA. Mike Brown is definitely not asking for 18 points a game from the young guard, but he might give it to them in week 13, unless you believe that the Warriors and Hornets will slow him down.

Nicolas Batum, SG/SF, Portland Trail Blazers

A new coach, no Gerald Wallace blocking stealing minutes from him, and a whole lot more confidence, has Batum rapidly becoming an elite fantasy option. Even though the forward from France has yet to have a bust out game, one is surely on the horizon with a decent week 13 schedule. What isn’t on the horizon is Batum racking up 30+ points per game, but a line with multiple steals and blocks is what I’m seeking from Batum. The Thunder and T-Wolves give up the 24th and 20th most steals to small forwards in the league, setting the table for a big week in alternative categories for Batum.

Kris Humphries, PF, New Jersey Nets

I don’t know how many times I have mentioned Humphries throughout this fantasy season, but I’m sure this isn’t the last time that you will be hearing his name. Maybe the trade for Gerald Wallace has benefited Humphries because he registered four double-doubles in five outings last week. I have seen enough, and I think he should be started until he goes into one of those slumps that he has every 2 weeks or so. Start Humphries with confidence in week 13.


Drew Gooden, F/C, Milwuake Bucks

Gooden had a rough week 12, averaging just 13 points and never surpassed the 20 point mark. When Monta Ellis finally settles in, his numbers will continue decrease bit by bit. Not to mention that the Bucks only have one good matchup in week 13, coming against Cleveland who has made some lineup shakeups. Let’s see what Gooden does in week 13 before we start him again.

Luis Scola, PF, Houston Rockets

Scola has played well in the absences of Kevin Martin and Kyle Lowry, but the teams that he played were subpar. 18 points and six rebounds isn’t anything to laugh about, but his points will go downhill in week 13 because the Rockets Dallas, Memphis, and Indiana, all who are top defensive teams against power forwards. Yes, it’s enticing to start him with the two leading scorers on the Rockets are on the sidelines, but it’s in your best interest to bench him for the time being.

Marcin Gortat, PF/C, Phoenix Suns

There aren’t many weeks where I would suggest benching the emerging Gortat, but with only three games to produce, week 13 in just one of those weeks. Gortat has only been in a little bit of a slump of late. He came into Friday night averaging just about 11 points, but racked up two 20+ point games over the weekend. But even if he is out of the slump, only three games to produce will kill you fantasy owners this time of the year.

Tony Parker, PG, San Antonio Spurs

Parker has had a spectacular season, one of his best, but a hamstring injury at this time of the year will surely put a dent in his numbers. The Spurs will win the Southwest division, so why play you injured veteran when he could just be resting for the playoffs come April? I’m almost positive that Popp is looking at it that way, and you fantasy owners will likely be out of luck.

Javale McGee, C, Denver Nuggets

The Wizards may have gotten the best of the deal in the short term, but the Nuggets clearly got a center for the future. For now McGee is coming off the bench, though, and he is also under much stricter policies that he was in Washington. George Karl isn’t going to tolerate dumb plays; instead McGee will just wind up on the bench. He has plenty of potential, but the young center will have to adjust to the Nuggets system and coach before we consider a valuable fantasy option again.


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