Sunday’s NBA Picks and Predictions | 4/15/2012

Following an exciting day of NBA basketball in which I went a perfect 7-0 with my game picks, we are lucky enough to have another big day of hoops. Today is highlighted by two marquee match ups–the Knicks and Heat meet at 1:00 P.M. followed by the Mavericks and Lakers at 3:30, both of which can be seen nationally on ABC.

Other games to look out for are the Magic taking on the Cavaliers without Dwight Howard, and the Nuggets/Rockets match up to round out the night. Here are today’s NBA Picks:

Miami Heat over New York Knicks

Despite the vast overreactions across the country about the state of the Miami Heat, the Heat should be able to take this one. They would probably like to push New York back to that eighth seed so they can avoid them in the first round, and a win today would certainly help in doing so.

Los Angeles Lakers over Dallas Mavericks

The Lakers have been phenomenal at home this season, and they are attempting to hold off the Clippers in the Pacific division, so they’ll want to win this one, and they will.

Atlanta Hawks over Toronto Raptors

Despite the fact that the Raptors have won a decent number of games against solid teams this year, the Hawks will be able to win this one on their home floor.

Cleveland Cavaliers over Orlando Magic

The Magic have been dismal without Dwight Howard, and the Cavaliers have been playing relatively well as of late. Expect Cleveland to win this one.

Chicago Bulls over Detroit Pistons

Despite the Derrick Rose issues, the Bulls should not have any problem beating the Pistons tonight.

Sacramento Kings over Portland Trail Blazers

The Kings have been decent at home this year, while the Trail Blazers have been an awful 8-20 on the road. The Kings will take this game.

Boston Celtics over Charlotte Bobcats

These two teams enter this game going in completely opposite directions; one can certainly make the argument that this Bobcats team is the worst team of all time, and the Celtics are on the verge of winning the Atlantic. Boston needs this one, and they’ll get it.

Memphis Grizzlies over New Orleans Hornets

The Grizzlies have been on fire the past couple of weeks, as they are playing like possible title contenders. They should have little trouble beating the Hornets.

Denver Nuggets over Houston Rockets

As both of these teams are fighting to keep their positions in the Western Conference playoff picture, this game is by far the day’s most important. The Nuggets have the home-court advantage, and I expect them to win this one.


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