NBA Fans Can Score Big With NBA Tickets and More at!

NBA Fans Can Score Big With NBA Tickets and More at!


The 2014 NBA Playoffs are in full swing. In fact, we just endured probably the greatest first round of NBA playoff action we’ve ever seen. The second round has been a tad ho-hum, but we could be gearing up for a rather intense conference finals, which inevitably could lead to an NBA Finals that is even more heated that the one we saw last year.

Obviously there is still plenty of time to get in on the action, and whether it’s in the nosebleeds or sitting court side, true NBA fans like yourself are going to want to get in on the up close and personal feel of the NBA playoffs.

That’s why we wanted to take a second to tell you about, a ticket website that can help you find amazing deals on said NBA games, as well as a whole lot more. They also gave us a sweet promo code to use for free tickets, so that might have also played into this article just a scorch, as well.

ScoreBig isn’t your usual ticket site, though, so let’s give you the skinny real quick so you can go in knowing what to expect:

1. Go to and choose your location (city/state) or search for the specific event you’re looking for.

2. Bid on your selected tickets. You get to pick an area where you’d like to sit, and then suggest the price you want to pay for the tickets you want.

3. Prepare to be amazed. You find out right away if the venue is going to give you your chosen tickets for the amount you agreed to pay.

The beauty here is you never pay any kind of ticket or service fees. While you don’t get to choose your exact seat, you have full control over which “level” you’re going to buy your tickets from. Some levels will contain varied areas, so all you have to do is pay attention to the chart the site shows you to discern if you like the risk involved. The higher the ticket level and/or price, the more likely you are to get the exact type of tickets you prefer!

If an event is sold out, you can even set up an “alert” to let you know when/if tickets suddenly become available. Want to check out the Heat on their home court but the tickets are sold out? Let know and they’ll get back to you if a few seats to the Bron Bron show opened up.

Or maybe you want to take the lady to see The Phantom of the Opera or Lady Gaga. Same deal. If a show is sold out, just submit for an alert so you don’t miss out on potential tickets that get freed up. Then you can come back to the site and see exactly which levels are available and bid on your prospective tickets.

One other cool aspect (if you want to kick it back to the #1 thing at our list above) is how you can narrow your search from your location. has a litany of big cities to choose from, and once you choose yours it’s like your own little personalized ticket world.

Suddenly all you’re seeing is major shows and events in your area. The top selling and most popular events are showcased for you to see, while you can still search for other events in your area.

Ticket sites are a dime a dozen. Score Big switches it up by putting the value back in the customer’s hands, giving them a chance to control where they’re sitting and how much they’re paying. It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

More About ScoreBig enables consumers to get great tickets for live sports, concert and theater events – at guaranteed savings of up to 60 percent. customers pick their own price on seats from the floor to the rafters, always pay less than box office price, and never pay any fees. For its partners, is the first and only opaque sales channel to move unsold ticket inventory in a way that protects the ticket owner’s brand and full-price sales. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., was founded in 2009 and is backed by Bain Capital Ventures and U.S. Venture Partners. was recently recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies and by Billboard as one of the 10 Best Start-ups of 2012.


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Kevin Roberts heads the fantasy basketball section of NBASoup. Roberts also leads the yearly scouting and mock draft analysis for the NBA Draft.

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