Mavericks Send Lamar Odom to D-League

2012 has been a season to forget for Lamar Odom, who was sent down to the D-League Friday afternoon.

Odom has missed the past three games for the defending champs due to a variety of issues, and has only played 30+ minutes three times this season. When the Dallas Mavericks originally made this trade in the offseason, they thought that they had stolen Odom from the Lakers. As we sit halfway through the season, Cuban and company are the ones looking likes fools, as Odom is averaging just 7.7 points and 4.5 points in nearly 22 minutes per game.

A meeting between Rick Carsile, Mark Cuban, and Odom earlier this week apparently sparked the organization’s decision to demote him. His body language and attitude on the court was the big concern for Rick Carsile. All he wants to see out of Odom is hustle and intensity. His stats aren’t the deciding factor to the Mavericks head coach because he knows that the numbers will come naturally.

The one time sixth man of the year isn’t expected to be in the D-League for long, though. This send down is a wakeup call that he needs to pick his game up. “He’s got to come back and play his [butt] off,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “He’s got to play hard, he’s got to be into it, and that’s it.

Many of Odom’s teammates have come to his defense lately. Terry had this to say about this situation, “If you’re not walking in the man’s shoes, then you cannot ever know what the situation is,” Terry said. “So I don’t care to speculate.
“I’ll just say as a teammate and as a brother I support him for whatever he’s going through right now, and my sympathy is with him and his family.”

Since day one Odom was never pleased with the trade to Dallas, as he felt that the Lakers organization gave him no respect. It will be an uphill battle for Odom to overcome, but he’s capable.


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