LeBron James Shoots Free Throw from Knees, Everyone Worried

LeBron James stirred up controversy in his latest game, a series-clinching victory against the Chicago Bulls. The All-Star and media-proclaimed “King” of basketball shot a free throw from his knees with less than a minute remaining.

The shot prompted fans and experts alike to speculate whether or not James would continue shooting free throws from his knees in the next series of the NBA Playoffs.

He astounded the NBA world even further when he inbounded a pass with his chin with 25 seconds remaining, and caused our collective jaws to drop even further when he took the final fast break of the game and dunked the ball with his feet.

It seems, no matter what James does these days, he’s getting attention.

Whether it be shooting from his knees, inbounding the ball with his chin, or dunking with his feet, everyone who watches the NBA Playoffs seems to care and “not care at all” in the same breath.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that no feat is too small for us to drop everything we’ve learned about basketball for James and just worship him.

Only when James passes an alley-oop to himself, throws it off the backboard, catches it, and dunks from the three-point line will we ever truly be amazed.

I guess that’s what the NBA tagline “where amazing happens” means, after all.

This is in response to LeBron’s bogus elbow injury and his lame left-handed free throw that had nothing to do with the outcome of the game, and will almost certainly have nothing to do with the rest of the playoffs. LeBron James is fine everybody, so let’s start hyping up something else that doesn’t matter.


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