Impact Basketball Reportedly Starting it’s Own League?

According to Slam Online, Impact Basketball is planning to organize a league in Las Vegas comprised of pro basketball players. Per the report, roughly 70 pro players would be invited to participate, including names such as Paul Pierce, John Wall, Corey Maggette, and Chauncey Billups.

With the NBA Lockout having no end in sight and several pro players disliking the lack of stability in overseas play, more and more players could join leagues over the course of the originally schedule NBA season.

Fantasy Analysis

And this is just one league. However, it could be a big one, as it already is mentioning some big names. Clearly there is no fantasy basketball by traditional standards with the NBA locked out, but at least NBA fans might get some exciting organized basketball to look forward to.


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Kevin Roberts heads the fantasy basketball section of NBASoup. Roberts also leads the yearly scouting and mock draft analysis for the NBA Draft.

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