Draft Street Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Buys For Tuesday, 11/13

Draft Street Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Buys For Tuesday, 11/13

There’s nothing like daily fantasy basketball value buys. You know, taking advantage of a fantasy gaming site’s salary cap to stack the elites with the would-be scrubs that actually have a shot at pure destruction. That’s the hope every single time, at least.

It doesn’t always work out, but it’s what we aim for: to find some true value in the salary cap pricing over at Draft Street. Never been? You should go now. You not only can play for free to work up to money games without spending a dime, but the confident high roller (such as yourself) can jump into big money games right away and make a living of this whole fantasy basketball thing.

Tonight could be the start. But whether it’s for fun, for cash, or you just use some of our advice for your regular season league, we don’t really care. Take the following as you will:

Note: Any player who has the ability to post elite production and is under $13k is considered a value buy. The guys below are merely my favies, not the only dudes who could go nuts. This is the NBA. Literally anyone CAN.

Gordon Hayward, F, Utah Jazz ($13k)

Hayward has dealt with injuries and a weak supporting cast this year, but he’s a versatile fiend who can wield dimes, rebounds and swords whenever he so chooses. Mostly, he can be off and still have you cashing in. Most of all, tonight he faces the hapless Lakers who really can’t stop anyone. Hayward could CAREER all over your face.

Anderson Varejao, C, Cleveland Cavaliers ($13k)

Andy V can be a beast and he got back to 40+ minutes in his last game. He’s officially ready to rock. His fro would suggest that even when he’s throwing up, but he also got back to cleaning glass as if he’s hanging off a skyscraper, so you know you can trust his fluffy locks. I like him to score more tonight and keep the boards’ a comin’.

Taj Gibson, F, Chicago Bulls ($13k)

Carlos Boozer (calf) is a game time decisions, while Gibson has been crushing over his last two. He’s a bit pricey if Booze plays, but if he’s out Gibson will start and own the paint against the Hawks. Just make sure Carlos is sitting.

Bradley Beal, G, Washington Wizards ($9k)

Keep in mind, these prices can vary from game to game, depending on when the games were posted. Beal is $9k in at least one, and that’s criminal considering he no longer has a minutes restriction and can sling the ball, son. Get him in your lineup and don’t be hesitant about it.

Nick Calathes, G, Memphis Grizzlies ($9K)

Mike Conley still isn’t playing, which means all the minutes Calathes can handle. As the main duder running the offense lately, he’s been putting up over 20 fantasy points per game on average. Expect that to continue at his redonkulous price.


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Kevin Roberts heads the fantasy basketball section of NBASoup. Roberts also leads the yearly scouting and mock draft analysis for the NBA Draft.

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