Draft Street Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Buys For 3/12/14

Draft Street Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Buys For 3/12/14

Wednesday’s are jam-packed with NBA basketball during the regular season, but there are only so many regular season Wednesday’s left. Now is the time for fantasy basketball fans to get into the action at sites like DraftStreet.com and try their hand at winning some cold, hard cash.

If you’re a fantasy basketball guru or even if you bombed in your normal regular season league, DS could be your ticket to fantasy success. Play for free to go all in with some cash right off the bat. But if you’re doing it tonight, make sure you at least consider some of our favorite value buys. They just might be the difference between winning thousands and coming away with nothing.

With that, it’s onto our favorite value buys for Wednesday’s NBA games:

The Elite Value Buys: Al Jefferson and LaMarcus Aldridge

Big Al is dominant on a nightly basis and is fresh off of a huge game, while Ridge has returned to being an elite presence. Why overpay for LeBron James and others when these two can be had for a cool $18k? Jefferson and Ridge both have solid matchups tonight that they should take advantage of.

The Middling Value Buys: Dwyande Wade, Rudy Gay, DeMar DeRozan, Isaiah Thomas, Chris Bosh and Tristan Thompson

Wade needs to be watched closely thanks to the amount of rest he gets, but at $14k he’s a solid value against the Nets if he plays tonight. Gay has blowup potential regardless of the opponent, but gets the awful 76ers tonight and is also just $14k. DeRozan is barely over $14k, as well, and is just way too talented and explosive not to be used at that price. IT2 is a little shakier but like Gay, has an insanely tasty matchup with Philly. Bosh is just $12k and is probably a solid value play no matter what, but if Wade sits he gets even more valuable. Thompson can go all spare on you at times, but is just $11k and is always a threat to drop a double double.

The Major Value Buys: Jeremy Tyler, Trey Burke, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Kyle Singler, Drew Gooden, Ben McLemore

Tyler wasn’t bad in backup duty last game, but with both Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler out he’s going to be probably the best value play of the night. The Celtics aren’t a formidable matchup at all and he’s just over $6k. He’s a must-use player. Burke is getting there, too, as he’s just $9k and facing a Mavs defense that doesn’t play much defense. Devin Harris being nicked up only helps.

CDR burned me twice now, but if Gerald Henderson is out again or limited, he’s still solid value at $8k. Just don’t expect the world. Singler isn’t the most amazing play, but he keeps starting and gets serious run (over 33 fantasy points last game). He’s a pretty safe play at just $7k. Gooden looked a lot nicer when he was just $3.5k, but he’s still getting 15+ minutes per game and producing quite well. For a spare at $6k, you could do a lot worse. Lastly, McLemore is still pretty rough around the edges and very hard to trust, but he’s just $5k and faces an awful Philly team. He should get his usual 25-30 minutes and could actually turn in a nice game with how much these two teams will be running.

*Photo credit – Keith Allison via Wiki Commons.


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