Daily NBA Picks for Wednesday | 1/18/2012

Eleven games are on the NBA slate on Wednesday night, including four match-ups between what will likely be playoff -bound teams.
Needless to say, tonight is a very exciting one for the NBA, as most Wednesday’s are, that will not disappoint.

There are certainly some games that are toss-ups, but here are the NBA game picks for tonight:

Orlando Magic (10-3) over San Antonio Spurs (9-5)

Dwight Howard trade talk surrounds the Magic, but they aren’t playing as if it is so—Orlando has won five straight. The Spurs, on the other hand, may have been exposed in a 22 point loss to a Miami Heat team lacking Dwyane Wade on Tuesday night.

Philadelphia 76ers (10-3) over Denver Nuggets (9-5)

This game is perhaps the Sixers’ biggest test on the year. Philadelphia has a nice 10-3 record, but have yet to really have an impressive win. That will change tonight though, when they take on a Nuggets team that has faltered in recent road games against tough competition.

Oklahoma City Thunder (12-2) over Washington Wizards (1-12)

The team with the league’s best record against the team with the worst? Not a tough decision here, the Thunder should take this one easily.

New York Knicks (6-7) over Phoenix Suns (4-9)

Both of these teams ride losing streaks into tonight’s game; the Knicks have lost three straight, while the Suns have dropped five in a row. Something has got to give tonight, and the Knicks, being the team who is supposed to be a contender, must be more desperate for a victory. Expect Amar’e Stoudemire to come out of a recent funk and lead the Knicks to a win.

Boston Celtics (4-8) over Toronto Raptors (4-10)

The Celtics, losers of five straight, have to be entering desperation mode. A team that was considered by some to be contenders, the Celtics need to start winning soon. That begins tonight, as Boston should win easily at the TD Garden over a lowly Toronto Raptors team.

Golden State Warriors (5-8) over New Jersey Nets (3-11)

The Warriors are improved this year under head coach Mark Jackson, and the Nets have been terrible once again. After a poor performance against the Cavaliers last night, expect Monta Ellis to rebound nicely in leading the Warriors to a victory.

Portland Trail Blazers (8-5) over Atlanta Hawks (10-4)

The Hawks’ record looks nice, but they are just 2-3 against teams with winning records this year. Contrary to this, the Trail Blazers have fared well against good competition, going 5-3 against teams with winning records. If these numbers tell me anything, it is that Portland is a more legitimate team than Atlanta. Portland has also lost three of four, and will certainly want to show a national audience that they have come to play this season.

Memphis Grizzlies (6-6) over New Orleans Hornets (3-10)

Rudy Gay has been catching fire as of late, and with it so have the Grizzlies; Memphis has won three in a row, and their streak should extend after tonight’s date with New Orleans.

Minnesota Timberwolves (5-8) over Detroit Pistons (3-11)

The amount of young talent the T-Wolves have is undeniable; Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love, Michael Beasley, J.J. Barea, and Derrick Williams leave no doubt that this team has one of the brightest futures in the NBA. They have even begun to show flashes of greatness this year, and should be able to defeat a poor Piston team tonight.

Indiana Pacers (9-3) over Sacramento Kings (4-10)

The Pacers have feasted off a weak schedule so far—eight of their nine wins are against teams with losing records. That pattern will continue tonight when they beat a Sacramento team in the midst of a three game losing streak.

Los Angeles Clippers (7-4) over Dallas Mavericks (8-6)

The Clippers have won six straight on their home court, beating the likes of the Heat, Trail Blazers, and Lakers. A win over the Mavericks will add another impressive victory to that résumé.


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