Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Buys at Draft Street For 1/21/14

Daily Fantasy Basketball Value Buys at Draft Street For 1/21/14

Monday was Martin Luther King Day and it was an insane day of NBA basketball. If you missed it, shame on you. But Tuesday is here to get basketball back into your life, and whether or not you have a fantasy basketball bone in your body, we’re going to shovel daily value buys down your throat until you get full.

Not really, but we are definitely going to point out some solid value, some potential duds, and touch on some injuries, as well.

Let’s get it rolling with tonight’s elites, all topping $20k over at Draft Street (missing out on the action? Sign up here and start winning some cash):

Kevin Durant, F, Oklahoma City Thunder ($22,952)

Kevin Love, F, Minnesota Timberwolves ($22,117)

LeBron James, F, Miami Heat ($21,842)

LaMarcus Aldridge, F, Portland Trail Blazers ($21,297)

Anthony Davis, F, New Orleans Pelicans ($20,774)

DeMarcus Cousins, C, Sacramento Kings ($20,082)

My only real beef with Draft Street is that they count missed shots and don’t let guys count for multiple positions. In my opinion, Love and Brow should be able to be forwards or centers and adding missed field goal attempts just confuses everything. But this isn’t about my personal complaints. The studs tonight are without a doubt the top players available for Tuesday’s games, and you’ll be tempted to use them. Just remember that you really can only use one if you’re going to put together a winning team. You might go for two with Davis and Cousins and still come out with a decent roster, but that’s getting dicey.

Personally, on nights like this, I try to keep things as balanced as possible and cross my fingers the guys mentioned above bomb – at least for the most part. That, or I take just one of them and hope that guy hits.

The reality is, one or more of these guys won’t meet their value (which is roughly 2x their price in points). In other words, if you take Boogie at $20k and he doesn’t hit 40 points, he’s not getting you a good return.

Whether you go with one or zero studs, though, you’ll need to know the middle men and the quality value buys. Let’s take a look:

No one else is over $15k and the guys in the $15k area that have blow up potential that I love tonight are Nikola Pekovic, Gordon Hayward, Dwayne Wade, Damian Lillard and Isaiah Thomas.

Keep in mind that Hayward is a game time call and Wade has been ruled out, while Rudy Gay can also be tossed into this mix ($14k), but is a little less reliable for reasons unknown to the common man. Pek is like Chevy – solid as a rock – and Thrillard and IT2 are usually money as long as their jumpers aren’t going all “Kirk Hinrich” on you.

But those are the middling men. If you don’t use a $20k stud, you need these guys littering your roster. Otherwise, it’s on to the value buys. For me, value buys (depending on the night and salaries, of course), is usually between $5-10k. Most nights with more games it’s probably more like 7k-10k, but for tonight it goes a little deeper for a few players.

Here are some nice value plays and their prices:

Kevin Martin, G, Minnesota Timberwolves ($10,755) – the only $10k range player I’m rolling with tonight with confidence, although Andray Blatche ($10,725) should be solid, too.

Jason Thompson, F, Sacramento Kings ($9,188) – Really nice value and Pelicans D is questionable so he should be good for value tonight.

Brian Roberts, G, New Orleans Pelicans ($9,086) – Tyreke Evans back at 100% kills some of his upside but no Jrue Holiday still means minutes and decent overall numbers.

Alan Anderson, G, Brooklyn Nets ($7,186) – I hate using this guy but he’s on a nice roll lately and he gets minutes. Cross your fingers he stays hot.

Ray Allen, G, Miami Heat ($6,171) – Jesus Shuttlesworth had been stinking up the joint for the past few weeks but two straight solid games has him back in good graces. Even if Wade returns tonight, he can get you 15 points and return value.

Anyone beyond Allen is a reach and a half, and I wouldn’t suggest going that route – even if it means rostering three elite players. It’s just not conducive to building a winning roster.

Not in the fantasy basketball daily scene yet? Get familiar and start bringing home BANK.


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Kevin Roberts heads the fantasy basketball section of NBASoup. Roberts also leads the yearly scouting and mock draft analysis for the NBA Draft.

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