2013 NBA Trade Rumors: Indiana Making Danny Granger Available?

2013 NBA Trade Rumors: Indiana Making Danny Granger Available?

There was once a time that Danny Granger was a coveted piece of the Indiana Pacers. Heck, he was damn near untouchable. Not anymore.

Per Alex Kennedy via Twitter, the Pacers no longer see it that way, which could prompt the team to trade the injured star wing man.

After all, the Pacers have been getting by just fine without Granger, who will be 30 in April and has missed the entire season with an injured knee. In fact, Paul George has taken over as the team’s go-to player in his absence, and has put the Pacers on his shoulders.

The bad news is that while the Pacers probably wouldn’t mind getting something out of Granger, they might be out of luck. After all, Granger is about to be on the wrong side of 30, still isn’t 100%, and is due over $13 million both this year and next.

Indiana could easily still find a taker – they just may have to be willing to significantly lower their asking price. Then again, just because Granger is no longer “untouchable” doesn’t necessarily mean the Pacers are calling every team in an effort to unload him.

As it stands, there have been no teams tied to Granger, and he continues to rehab on his way back to the court, which could be within a couple of weeks. Just don’t be surprised if trade rumors start swirling now that the organization has made it known that their star player could be had by the highest bidder.


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