2013 NBA Trade Rumors: Analyzing J.J. Redick’s Top 5 Potential Suitors

2013 NBA Trade Rumors: Analyzing J.J. Redick’s Top 5 Potential Suitors

The Orlando Magic are one of the worst teams in the entire NBA with almost 40 losses and J.J. Redick is a quality veteran playing in his final year of his second contract. With Redick coming off the books after this season, the Magic stand to lose one of their best players for nothing, which naturally has spawned several trade rumors over the course of the season.

And they’re not just fodder for the cannon.

The Redick trade rumors are legit, and he’s extremely likely to be dealt come Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. Redick himself has said all along that he understands if it happens, but that he personally hasn’t heard anything from the front office about a trade. I actually tend to believe him, but things can change rather quickly in the NBA.

To prepare ourselves for what I view as an inevitable trade, let’s take a look at the top five J.J. Redick trade rumors that have been swirling around, and see if we can’t decide on one that could stick:

Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies are the most recent team to be mentioned along side Redick, but they’re not the most likely suitor. They could use him to stretch the floor and play defense, as they’re thin at the wing spot, but it’s unclear who they’d ship off in return for Redick’s services. Jerryd Bayless could potentially be a part of a trade, but it’s anyone’s guess what that final package would look like.

Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee has been tied to Redick for half of the year, and is looking like a very realistic landing spot. They have reportedly already offered up Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and a future first-round draft pick for Redick, while packages with Milwaukee could also possibly include Monta Ellis and/or Drew Gooden. The Bucks are shaping up to be a playoff team, and landing an outside shooter who can defend could help round them out quite a bit.

Chicago Bulls

Chicago said good-bye to consistent three-point shooting when they traded away Kyle Korver, while they tried signing J.J. Redick a few years back. It seems their interest in the former Duke star hasn’t waned. The Bulls have been tied to Redick, and it appears the interest is mutual. Chicago is looking to unload Carlos Boozer, while they could also include Nate Robinson or Marco Belinelli on any potential deals.

Indiana Pacers

The Pacers were lumped in with the Timberwolves as teams being interested in acquiring Redick, but both teams have been quiet on the matter. I’m not sure what Indiana would give up to land Redick, but he certainly would fit on their roster. The Pacers don’t have much consistency on the wing beyond Paul George, and with Danny Granger struggling to return, there’s no guarantee that will change without a trade. I can see D.J. Augustin and maybe even Tyler Hansbrough being lumped in a deal, but it’s anyone’s guess if Indiana is actually serious about making the move and who would be in a package.

Minnesota Timberwolves

As stated above, Minnesota is also rumored to be smitten with Redick, and could be in play for a trade. They have been trying to move veteran point guard Luke Ridnour ever since Ricky Rubio got back to full health, while we all know Derrick Williams is available for the right price. I don’t think the Magic are in love with either of those players, but one or both could be part of a package if Minnesota decided they couldn’t pass on landing Redick.

Ultimately, I see the Magic doing right by Redick and either trading him to a contending team at a fair price, or letting him stay in Orlando and hit the free agency waters on his own terms. I have the Bucks as the front-runners due to their several pieces to trade, with the Bulls coming in second. After all, Redick did initially try to sign with them a few years back, and they could really use him right about now.


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