2011 NBA Draft Player Profile | Perry Jones

Perry Jones is an absolute freak. That’s as plain as it’s going to or needs to get. He has amazing size and length for the small forward position at the next level, and has an insane wing span of 7’2.5”.

His physical attributes are enough for NBA scouts to drool over, but with unbeatable potential and an already developing set of skills, he could easily contest for the top pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.

NBA Position: Small Forward

Height: 6’9”

Weight: 220

School: Baylor



Has amazing size and length for the next level, especially considering his elite athleticism. Is very fluid and explosive, and can handle double teams and tough situations. Hasn’t taken on the identity of a go-to scorer yet at the college level. Shows great range and motion on his jump shot, but hasn’t yet exhibited a consistent three-point shot. Can really take over games if he puts his mind to it, as he has an athletic and size advantage of almost anyone who covers him. Good shooter, but more effective when he gets closer to the basket. Can finish with contact, and is stronger than he looks. Can handle the ball well for his size. Still pretty raw, but has immense talent and booms with confidence.


Needs to get stronger. Hasn’t established himself as a go-to scorer or a player with the necessary killer instinct to excel at the next level. Seems to rely on his athleticism and length a bit too much, and while it’s a positive that he has those attributes, he needs to learn to play more cerebral basketball. Forces the issue often, and it can result in bad shots, turnovers, and missed opportunities. Has shown a knack for the flashy pass, but still needs to improve in this area. From a potential stand-point, he’s the top pick, but he simply needs to refine several aspects of his game. Another year playing college ball would make him much better, but the hype train will likely have him declaring early.

NBA Player Comparison: Lamar Odom

Draft Projection: Top 5


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