2011 NBA Draft Player Profile | Jared Sullinger

Jared Sullinger is a massive beast inside at the college level, and with just one year of experience at a level other than high school play, he has already proven his worth to NBA scouts.

With an explosive freshman campaign that seems to only be getting better, Sullinger has overcome his flaws and risen his game to an elite level, projecting him to be selected high in the lottery.

NBA Position: Power Forward

Height: 6’9”

Weight: 286

School: Ohio State



Very big and strong. Most players need to beef up or are already maxed out, but he has perfect size and strength for the next level. He’s a man amongst boys as a freshman. Sullinger possesses elite back-to-the-basket moves, and can post up his defender and score at will. A decent shooter, but really just a beast inside and a master of the paint with a full arsenal of moves and fakes. He rebounds very well, but will have to rely more on angling and positioning at the next level, as he’s not overly explosive or tall for his position. Is a capable defender, but lack of elite size for the position limits his shot-blocking ability. Overall, simply a handful on offense, and should grow into an equally annoying defender.


Not always as fluid as you’d like, and doesn’t run the floor as well as most NBA power forwards. His size and strength are huge positives, but trimming down and adding some explosiveness will be key to succeeding in the NBA. His lack of height and elite athleticism lead to his shot being blocked. Needs to improve conditioning and apply more effort on the defensive side of the court.

NBA Player Comparison: Elton Brand

Draft Projection: Top 5


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