2011 NBA Draft Player Profile | Iman Shumpert

Drafted by New York KnicksĀ NBA

NBA Position: PG/SG

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 220

School: Georgia Tech



Shumpert is the perfect example of that new-age point guard that every team would love to have. He has terrific size and athleticism for the position, while possessing the versatility to play the two spot, as well. Just a really gifted athlete. Explosive leaper who can finish above and around the rim very well. Strong, confident player who fills up the stat sheet. Assist numbers are very solid. The potential is definitely there for him to evolve into a freak point guard. Length and athleticism allows him to be a terror on defense, but added focus and intensity could make him even better there. Has some untapped potential and could really take off once he knows his role at the next level.


His biggest issue has to be the position he plays at the next level, followed by a tendency to just make poor choices. He has all the tools to be a fantastic player, but he gets swallowed up by poor shot selection and inconsistent passing. Court vision and offensive awareness isn’t always where it needs to be. Just not a disciplined player at all. Needs to play more controlled and realize he’s on a team, and not playing just to rack up stats. Has potential as an outside shooter, but the consistency isn’t there yet. Just doesn’t have the passing ability to man the point yet, while his shooting stroke is too erratic for him to be relied on consistently as a shooter at the two spot. Could be more assertive and controlled when going to the hole. Needs to use his dribble better and do a better job at making the necessary pass.

Overall, he’s a booming prospect rising quickly up draft boards, but he only has one year with real productivity. His lack of discipline and inconsistency isn’t going away with a snap of a finger, and GM’s will take note of that. Could be an absolute gem if he’s snagged in the second round, while first round might be a reach considering his lack of polish.

NBA Player Comparison: Javaris Crittenton

Draft Projection: Late First, Early Second


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