2010 NBA Draft Player Profile | Greivis Vasquez

After a solid performance in a big-time game (and win) against Duke on Wednesday night, Greivis Vasquez may have finally silenced some critics on his ability to play controlled, balance basketball on a big stage.

Vasquez has all the intangibles required for an NBA guard, while possessing the versatility to play multiple spots.

NBA Position: G/F

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 197

School: Maryland



When it comes to intensity, passion and confidence, few can match Vasquez. While his confidence can often be confused for cockiness (and sometimes rightfully so), that attitude is half of what makes him so appealing.

He constantly plays with a chip on his shoulder, proving doubters wrong with big games when his team needs him most. Carrying his team and being a true leader are two aspects that used to be questions on Vasquez, but have slowly developed into strengths.

Vasquez has an uncanny ability and “need” to get to the rim, as he thrives on penetration and finishing at the rim, while also displaying great court vision and passing ability. He has excellent size for the point guard position, and has the versatility and athleticism to play multiple positions at the next level, if needed.

His defense is currently only at an average level, but his length and tenacity could change that rather easily down the road.


As stated previously, Vasquez can wear his emotions on his sleeve, and his cockiness and showmanship can often put on more of a show than he can actually live up to.

While he has a lot of untapped potential, he still makes some poor decision in traffic, and doesn’t always see the open man. With this thought in mind, he also has a tendency to look past the easy pass, and can make finding an open man more difficult than necessary.

He’s an elite scorer when he’s on, but can be very erratic due to poor range and an inconsistent jumper. His percentages have gone up and down (at least to a certain degree) for all four years in college.

Regardless, many of his faults are either attributed to his personality, which makes him come off as just careless or lazy, and most of his knocks can be corrected.

His main knock remains his lack of bulk, as he’s rail thin for his height, and weighs in at under 200 lbs. Despite his excellent penetration ability, his lack of strength can affect his ability to finish at times, which can also prevent him from making the good kick-out pass.

While possessing solid versatility in just about every facet of the game, he does not own any go-to post moves, and isn’t a threat to bang it inside, despite owning a huge size advantage on most point guards.

NBA Comparison: Marko Jaric (More Aggressive)

Draft Projection: Late First Round


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